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Specialty Services

• We offer a number of industrial repair and maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates safely and functions properly. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to reduce costly downtime and maximize uptime. From a single part repair to turnarounds and shutdowns, to high-quality maintenance, emergency service support and specialty support anytime, anywhere.

• We feel there are three main components to achieve an excellent outcome:
1. Experience and continuous skill training
2. Detailed and precise work planning
3. Consistency of work teams

• We have found this combination of experience, planning and effective team-work is what enables our people to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

Bolt Torqueing & Machining

Expertise across all types of heavy equipment to deliver the torqueing, tensioning, extraction/installation, beveling, pipe cold cutting, machining and all with precise documentation for your assurance of quality.

Mechanical & Exchanger

Expertise in bolted connections and process equipment assembly covering-testing, bundle extraction and repair of heat exchangers, full or partial re-tube service of all exchangers, fin fans and condensers. We have the experience that matters when it matters most.

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