Building the future.  Restoring the past.

Builing the future.  Restoring the past.

Maintenance Services

We offer a number of industrial repair and maintenance services to ensure your equipment operates safely and functions properly.

Why Trinity

Bolt Torquing & Machining

Expertise across all types of heavy equipment to deliver the torqueing, tensioning, beveling, pipe cold cutting, machining and all with precise documentation for your assurance of quality.

Mechanical & Exchanger Services

Expertise in bolted connections and process equipment assembly covering-testing, bundle extraction/installation, and repair of heat exchangers, full or partial re-tube service of all exchanger types, fin fans and condensers. We have the experience that matters, when it matters most.

We have found this combination of experience, planning and effective team-work is what enables our people to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

Experience and continuous skill training

Detailed and precise work planning

Consistency of work teams

Safety is our top priority. Our people are our greatest asset and the basis of our success. We owe it to them and their families to help keep them SAFE!

Our philosophy is simple: Every accident, thus every injury, is preventable. Zero injury is our goal. Commitment from all employees and sub-contractors is the expectation.